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3 Things to consider when buying IPv4 Addresses

  • Posted at 2020-03-20 11:55:34
  • By Prefixx Team

3 Things to consider when buying IPv4 Addresses

The internet has run out of IPv4 addresses. Today, the number of users has crossed the maximum limit of IPv4 that can be generated i.e. 4.3 billion addresses. This has resulted in a quick growth of the IPv4 black market as well as countless illegal activities. You may be tempted to become a part of it, but you will invite heavy risks, dangers and damages.

IPv4 Black market risks

Why would anyone risk buying IPv4 addresses from the black market? Why would anyone do something illegal? IPv4 addresses can be bought legally from a registered broker. If you want to buy IPv4 address, don’t even think about the black market. The risks are extremely high and far outweigh the rewards.
Black Market Transactions are Illegal: Black market transactions as well as attempted black market transactions can result in criminal prosecution of the buyer, seller and broker. Those involved in the illegal buying and selling of IPv4 addresses risk losing their livelihood, their wellbeing, their civil rights and even their life. Even if you are not caught at the time of the transaction, law enforcement agencies can arrest you whenever they discover evidence about the transaction.
Extremely Dangerous and Costly: Many unsuspecting buyers get scammed out of huge amounts of money by black marketers. Many buyers end up committing multiple crimes and shrewd sellers can transfer the entire legal and transactional liability on the buyer by maintaining anonymity during the transaction. The mutual agreement between buyer and seller is not legally enforceable. Hence, buyers as well as sellers have the freedom to cheat or default on their promises.
No Accountability and No Guarantees: Black market transactions are often done in anonymity. Black market brokers do not reveal their identities. They make great efforts in staying anonymous. The buyer ends up with all the risk, while the broker has no obligations to serve the buyer. A black market transaction has no guarantees and the broker is not accountable for guaranteeing the transaction.

Blacklisted IPv4

IPv4 addresses bought from the black market can be used to launch online attacks on other IP addresses by the use of malware, phishing software, spam, and ransomware. Such attacks are illegal and they can get IPv4 addresses blacklisted. There are many organizations that help track down, report and police IP addresses that house illegal attacks and activities. These organizations also maintain an updated list of blacklisted IPv4. The list is freely accessible to most internet users around the world.
Registered brokers help clean these Blacklisted IPs, remove them from the Blacklist and resell them to a willing buyer through a legal transaction. This method also helps in slowing down the further depletion of an already exhausted IPv4 address pool.

Buy from Reliable IPv4 Broker (Prefixx)

If you wish to buy IPv4 addresses, Prefixx can be the perfect broker for you because:
It is registered as an IPv4 brokerage company with the Regional Internet Registries of both ARIN and RIPE NCC. Clients can buy IPv4 addresses without worrying about compliances, legality or documentation.
Prefixx is an expert on qualifying all the prescribed requirements and procedures of all RIRs procedures. Hence, clients can buy IPv4 addresses without any complications.
You can view Prefixx as your responsible and reliable broker. Our processes are legal, accountable and client-friendly.
Prefixx has a credible track record of trust and reliability with a huge network of sellers. As a registered broker, Prefixx can service any and every requirement of the buyer and connect buyers to the right sellers within days.
Our team has the necessary skills and specialization to help network administrators in discovering the right resources without any hassles or delays. Furthermore, our teams make use of the simplest processes in acquiring such resources.
We also assist clients in achieving the qualification criteria and compliance requirements that ensure security in every step of the transaction. We also help clients in evaluating options to lease an IPv4 address, a more cost effective and less stringent method of securing an IPv4 address.
In simple words, Prefixx can serve your needs as well as deliver the required IPv4, without pinching your budget and ensure safe transactions across multiple geographies.

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