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Prefixx helps buyers and sellers establish healthy and long-term relationships. Automated online payments, reputation management and geocorrection is available for all services.


From IPv4 address acquisition to IPv6 allocations and ASN requests. Prefixx offers all and more with extra services such as blacklist monitoring and geocorrection

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Our experts at Prefixx will assist you every step of the way. Let us structure your agreement, we help facilitate both short-term rentals and long-term leases


Buyers and sellers pay directly through the Prefixx online payment platform. Our company guarantees payments and availability of space on all services delivered

Lease IPv4 addresses

If your company is looking to procure or divest IPv4 address block on a temporary basis, then leasing might be the right option for you. Our leasing agreements range from 6 to 24 months and involve a verification process of both the buying and the selling side.

Short-term Rental IPv4 addresses

If you have a project, or other form of requirement with a short timeline, then our short-term rental solution might be right for you. Short-term rental blocks can be provisioned within 24 hours with LOA, RPKI and RDNS support. Short-term rental agreements are usually month-to-month, where both the buyer and the seller have the freedom to terminate the agreement at any time

Care free leasing

As part of our process, Prefixx will ask you to provide limited access rights to your IPv4 address block for our maintainer. This will allow us to coordinate any assignments, route object updates, POC updates and reputation management.

Our inventory

Prefixx keeps a large inventory of IPv4 address space at all times. Contact us for IPv4 block review, blacklist reports and performance testing.

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Since 2007

There is no shortage of IPv4 brokers - Why Prefixx?

Our team has a proven track record in facilitating IPv4 transactions since 2007, with references available. Our boutique approach make us a perfect fit for companies looking to safely procure or divest IPv4 address space.

We would be happy to hop on an introductory call to tell you more about our team and the services here at Prefixx.

IPv4 Leasing Process

Are you looking to lease or rent IPv4? What does your 5-year utilization forecast look like? How difficult is it for your infrastructure to migrate or procure different IPs? Establishing what your immediate requirements look like as well as several years from now is an important first step. Whether you are procuring or divesting, having a long-term strategy and making your decisions around that will help prevent issues later. Prefixx offers a free introductory consult to help identify your wishes and requirements.

Our Standard of Excellence

Our team will assist you with every step in purchasing of or divesting of IPv4 address space. Take a look at our standard of excellence to learn more about our process and some of the benefits of working with Prefixx.

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White-Glove Service

It is all in the details! The Prefixx experience will help you secure the missing pieces on your IPv4 journey. Our team offers geo location correction services, abuse complaint processing, reverse DNS and more. Find out more about our White-Glove Services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Prefixx been in business?

Prefixx has been operating in the data center and networking space since 2007. Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience working with the 5 different regional internet registries.

Why does IPv4 address space have value?

Experts have been warning about IPv4 exhaustion since the late '80s, but companies still heavily rely on IPv4 to reach many parts of the Internet today. As Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) started running out of allocable space, a commercial transfer market was created to help sustain the growth of IT-infrastructure around the world. The price/value per IPv4 address is entirely driven by its supply and demand.

Should I buy or lease?

CapEx or OpEx. If your company is looking to fill a temporary resource shortage of IPv4, or facilitate for a project with a fixed lifetime, leasing might be the better option for your company. Buying might be a better option if your company is looking to secure addresses that will be statically assigned for a longer period of time

How many IPv4 addresses are left ?

The allocable address pool managed by the 5 Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) has been fully exhausted. A lot of allocated space is however still not in use, which has opened up an opportunity for companies to offer their space up for transfer through the IPv4 transfer market

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