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Prefixx is a one-stop shop for all your IPv4 transactions

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Safe, Transparent IPv4 Transactions

Prefixx is a registered RIPE NCC and ARIN broker. Our team has been in the business since 2007 and is able to research, prepare and handle all details of an IPv4 address transfer.

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The paper process

We identify the buyers and sellers, prepare an agreement, assist in an allocation assignment plan if and when needed and request pre-approval for any transfer when applicable

Safe, Transparent IPv4 Transactions 2

The transaction

A purchase or lease agreement has been signed and funds are being held in an escrow account until resources have been transferred or otherwise made available


Finalize transaction

The funds will be released to the seller once a transfer has been confirmed, or leased IPv4 space has been made available to the buyer

Prefixx - Your path to IPv4

Prefixx was incorporated by Savvas Bout in 2018. Savvas has been in the telecom and hosting industry since 2007 and has helped many companies in their day-to-day infrastructure and internet resource needs. More information about Savvas Bout and his background can be found on LinkedIn.

Our key strength is knowing what's on the other side: We know how confusing and complicated these transfers can be. Prefixx helps you work through them, quick and efficiently.

Prefixx is your one-stop-shop for all internet registry resources including IPv4 address space and autonomous system numbers.

IPv4 Addresses trading

Fitting the pieces together Prefixx will construct, secure and execute all steps of your transaction

Prefixx customer care service

Excellent customer care Get expert advice from knowledgeable professionals

Secure transaction of IPv4 Addresses

Secure your transactions Prefixx helps buyers and sellers safely transfer their resources

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