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Prefixx is a one-stop shop for all your IPv4 transactions

Safe, Transparent IPv4 Transactions

Prefix Broker is a renowned broker recognized by RIPE NCC, ARIN, and APNIC, adeptly mediating between parties and managing every facet of an IPv4 address transaction. Whether procuring IPv4 addresses, selling, or leasing out excess IPv4 addresses, Prefix Broker stands as your comprehensive solution.

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Prefixx manages all documentation, ensuring all paperwork and administrative tasks related to the IPv4 transfer are meticulously handled.



Through strategic sourcing, Prefixx identifies and secures IPv4 address blocks that suit the buyer's requirements and budget.



The buyer and seller enter into a purchase agreement, facilitated by Prefixx, which clearly delineates the terms, conditions, and obligations of both parties.



Prefixx employs a secure payment method, typically using an escrow service, to safeguard financial transactions between the buyer and seller.



Managing the logistical aspect, Prefixx oversees the technical and administrative processes involved in the transfer of IPv4 address ownership.



Prefixx navigates through the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) procedures, ensuring compliance with all policies and guidelines pertaining to IPv4 address transfers.


Approval and

Upon successful verification and approval by the RIR, Prefixx finalizes the transfer, ensuring all commitments are fulfilled and officially closing the transaction.

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Prefixx is a one-stop shop for all your IPv4 transactions

We possess in-depth knowledge of RIR protocols, having contributed to the authorship of the prevailing RIPE transfer policies, to which we meticulously adhere.

Upon receipt of a request or quote, we validate the provider's trading authorization before engaging with the requesting entity. Optionally, we also oversee and sanitize the IP blocks involved.

All financial transactions are facilitated by Prefix Broker's principal notary, who administers funds via a third-party account until the IPv4 addresses are officially registered to the new proprietor. Following registration confirmation from the RIR, we direct the notary to conclude the payment to the seller.

At Prefix Broker, we are committed to ensuring that all entities involved in a transaction are fully satisfied upon its conclusion. We steward the process from inception to completion, managing every detail with professionalism, transparency, and integrity.

Matching Sellers with Buyers/ Renters A continuous supply of IPv4 addresses available for immediate sale

Expert customer care Knowledgeable service from experienced IPv4 brokers

Safe transactions All IPv4 transfers handled efficiently and correctly

Our Ecosystem


Prefixx proudly collaborates with Netrouting, seamlessly integrating Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) capabilities and geographically-driven hosting solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our global clientele. Together, we engineer and deliver unparalleled services that allow businesses to leverage Prefixx IPv4 addresses while benefiting from strategic hosting solutions, ensuring optimal data management and connectivity across crucial network nodes, including prominent global locations such as Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Miami.

Data Facilities

Specializing in colocation solutions, Data Facilities predominantly operates from its privately-owned datacenters in The Netherlands, offering a haven of secure, robust, and scalable infrastructure solutions to a myriad of businesses. The synergy between Data Facilities and Prefixx not only enhances our capability to deliver stellar services but also guarantees that our clientele experience unwavering stability, top-tier security, and bespoke solutions, all adeptly tailored to navigate the specific nuances and demands of their digital and network endeavors.


A revolutionary cloud fabric that will offer automated interconnection services and supplement its Internet Exchange product. In a collaborative stride with Prefixx, LayerSwitch intertwines its groundbreaking innovations to our service spectrum, ensuring our clientele not only enjoy the fruits of cutting-edge, accelerated, and secure interconnectivity but also thrive within a digital ecosystem characterized by stellar operational efficiency and an unprecedented ease in network management.

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