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Prefixx is a service provider, specialized in helping companies with buying, divesting and diligence processes on IPv4 address spaces and other Internet Registry resources. We are a U.S. based company, headquartered out of Miami, FL. Our team of IPv4 brokers has been operating in the data center and network space since 2007 and has successfully completed many transactions with customers in 5 different continents during that time.

Apart from buying and selling IPv4 address blocks, our team also helps customers with reputation management, blacklist monitoring, long- and short-term leasing and more.

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  • Buy Ipv4 Address

    Buy/Sell IPv4 Addresses

    Prefixx can be your procurement and divestment partner. Our role ranges from brokering transactions and drafting service and purchase agreements, to providing block diligence and RIR services.

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  • Sell Ipv4 Address

    Lease IPv4 Addresses

    Prefixx helps customers reduce their CapEx by brokering long-term leasing contracts for IPv4 address space at favorable rates. Prefixx provides reassignments, RPKI, DNS and reputation management.

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  • Lease IPv4 address

    Inter RIR Transfers IPv4 Addresses

    Prefixx can help you with IPv4 pre-approvals, ASN and IPv6 address block allocations. Prefixx also offers blacklist monitoring, geocorrection and reputation management with extensive reporting features.

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  • Lease IPv4 address

    White-Glove Service IPv4 Addresses

    Geo location updates, reverse DNS management, abuse complaint processing and more. Our White-Glove Services suite is included complimentary with all of our leasing products.

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Prefixx has experience operating in the RIPE and ARIN region. Our brokerage services are available in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, parts of Central Asia, Canada and United States.

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Our fees

Prefixx charges a brokerage fee for each successful transaction. Our service is no-cure-no-pay and any fees involved with our services will be disclosed before the process is started.

IPv4 secured transactions

The middle man

Using a broker offers great advantages. We will do all the work, check off all the boxes, and make sure that at the end of the day you get what you pay for, no surprises. Payments are processed via escrow to ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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Now is the time

IPv4 is running out. Those that are looking, shouldn't wait. Those that are selling, now is the time! Contact us to find out more about your options.

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