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Looking to sell IPv4?

The market has never been higher. If you have a supply of IPv4 addresses and you're not using them, now might be the right time to sell.

Selling your IPv4 space can however be challenging. There are many requirements and they are different in every region. As a registered IP brokerage firm with RIPE NCC and ARIN , Prefixx specializes in linking sellers to buyers and helping them through this process. We will help you identify buyers, prepare the necessary paperwork, walk you through all of the requirements and secure your transaction.

Are you not ready to sell but prefer leasing instead? Find out more about leasing IPv4 address space or

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Since 2007

There is no shortage of IPv4 brokers - Why Prefixx?

Our team has a proven track record in facilitating IPv4 transactions since 2007, with references available. Our boutique approach make us a perfect fit for companies looking to safely procure or divest IPv4 address space.

We would be happy to hop on an introductory call to tell you more about our team and the services here at Prefixx.

Benefits of using Prefixx

  • We will verify the supplying party's right to buy or sell
  • Assemble an NDA and letter of intend for both parties
  • Assist in examination of the IPv4 address allocation
  • Assemble the asset purchase agreement
  • Establish payment terms and facilitate secure transactions via escrow
  • Confirm successful transfer of the assets before payment is released from escrow

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