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RIPE Local Internet Registry (LIR) Sponsorship for IPv4 Addresses

Embarking on the acquisition of RIPE IPv4 addresses sometimes mandates becoming a RIPE Local Internet Registry (LIR), a move accompanied by a tangible financial commitment—typically around €1,000 Euro for setup and an annual fee of €1,550 Euro. Understanding that such an investment and obligation might not always be feasible or desired, Prefixx Broker introduces a savvy alternative: our LIR Sponsorship service, available at a budget-friendly rate of $300 (USD) per year. This service allows organizations to sidestep the meticulous RIPE application process and enjoy a financially astute alternative, being charged only a fraction of the traditional LIR expenses.

It's vital to note that this LIR Sponsorship predominantly applies to what RIPE designates as Provider Independent (PI) resources. PI resources, unlike Provider Aggregatable (PA) resources, can be held independently of any service provider and can, therefore, be moved between providers. This is where the notable difference lies and emphasizes why not all IPv4 blocks qualify for this specific sponsorship, given the distinct and separate handling, processes, and policies applicable to PI and PA resources in the RIPE NCC service region.

Entities opting against becoming LIRs can nevertheless maintain ownership of their PI IPv4 spaces through our LIR Sponsorship. Acting as your legal bridge to RIPE NCC, we ensure your organization has unencumbered access to RIPE NCC services, minus the hefty annual fees and the navigational complexities arising from ever-evolving registry policies. The IPv4 address spaces you procure are allocated directly to your organization, giving you full control over your IPv4 subnets, which includes global BGP announcements and streamlined management of reverse DNS.

As your sponsoring LIR, Prefixx Broker scrupulously stays in sync with shifting RIPE policies, shielding you from compliance risks without necessitating your immersion into policy complexities. We assist in acquiring IPv4 subnets across various regions and sizes, ensuring our end-users are always attuned with the current RIPE policy, thereby mitigating non-compliance risks due to policy shifts. Our dedication extends into thorough housekeeping, in alliance with our end-users, managing accurate RIPE data, precise registration of independent resources, handling abuse-related matters, performing due diligence prior to RIPE NCC requests, and standing as your ambassador in all dialogues with the RIPE NCC.

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