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AWS BYOIP & IPv4 Leasing: Unlock Savings[Case Study]

  • Posted at 2024-03-26 11:31:16
  • By Prefixx Team

AWS BYOIP & IPv4 Leasing: Unlock Savings[Case Study]

The recent hike of a $0.005 hourly fee by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for public IP addresses carries substantial financial implications for businesses relying on cloud infrastructure. This newly introduced cost element underscores the critical importance of effectively managing and optimizing public IP addresses. To address this challenge, organizations can adopt a strategic approach by utilizing the Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) feature, which involves leasing IP addresses. By partnering with IP leasing services such as Prefixx, businesses can circumvent the charges imposed by AWS, streamline their IP management processes, and realize cost savings while retaining control and flexibility. This strategy not only tackles the immediate issue of rising public IP costs but also aligns with broader objectives related to operational efficiency and strategic resource management.

AWS's New Pricing Model: Evaluating the Impact

The recent update in AWS's pricing scheme, which introduces a $0.005 hourly fee for each public IP address, poses a significant adjustment for businesses relying heavily on public IP resources. This change prompts organizations to carefully reconsider their digital infrastructure expenses. For companies with a large number of public IPs, the financial impact is substantial:

- $0.12 per day
- $3.60 per month (assuming a 31-day month)
- $43.20 per year

For example, a company using 256 public IPv4 addresses would see monthly costs rise to around $921.60 under AWS's new policy, resulting in a significant annual financial burden. This change significantly increases the financial pressure on organizations, emphasizing the need for a strategic review of digital infrastructure spending.

Given this shift, there's an urgent need for a more cost-effective and manageable approach to IP resource allocation.

In response, the Bring-Your-Own IP (BYOIP) strategy, supported by services like Prefixx, emerges as a compelling solution. This approach not only offers a way to avoid AWS's higher fees but also enhances control over IP management, ensuring operational flexibility and efficiency. Here's a brief overview of this strategic shift:

1. AWS Price Hike Impact: The recent changes in AWS's pricing model result in significant increases in operational costs for businesses. For example, deploying 256 public IPv4 addresses now leads to a monthly expense of nearly $921.60, causing a substantial rise in annual spending.

2. Strategic Shift to BYOIP: In response to AWS's pricing changes, the BYOIP approach emerges as a strategic solution, enabling businesses to avoid these new fees while gaining greater control over IP resources.

3. Leasing IPs as a Cost-Effective Solution: Choosing IPv4 leasing through Prefixx offers a financially sensible option compared to AWS's pricing. This method considerably reduces annual IP management expenses, directly addressing the financial burden caused by AWS's price hike.

4. Operational Efficiency and Added Benefits: Beyond cost savings, adopting BYOIP via brings operational benefits, such as no requirement for RIR membership and assistance in managing Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) from Prefixx. This ensures smooth integration and management of leased IPs in AWS environments.

5. Guaranteed Stability: Prefixx emphasizes IP leasing stability, guaranteeing IP address availability throughout the lease term. With long-term plans, businesses can rely on Prefixx for sustained operations, establishing it as a dependable partner in efficient and cost-effective IP resource management.

The pricing change creates a crucial moment for businesses to reconsider and implement more sustainable IP management methods. The BYOIP model, especially through leasing options available on platforms like Prefixx, presents a practical approach to handle the financial consequences of AWS's updates, enhancing both cost management and operational effectiveness.

Understanding IPv4 Leasing

IPv4 leasing involves organizations gaining temporary usage rights to IPv4 addresses without owning them permanently. This method offers flexibility and cost savings compared to buying IPv4 addresses outright, a costly endeavor due to their scarcity and high demand worldwide.

The Mechanics of IPv4 Leasing

The functioning of IPv4 leasing is supported by dedicated IP brokers and online platforms that link IP address holders with potential lessees. These platforms guarantee transaction legitimacy, compliance with regional internet registry (RIR) regulations, and offer conflict resolution mechanisms. Lessees usually engage in a contractual agreement outlining lease duration, IP address quantity, and financial arrangements. The leasing process also includes technical procedures like updating the WHOIS database and ensuring correct routing of leased IP addresses.

Advantages of IPv4 Leasing
Cost Efficiency: Leasing allows organizations to bypass the initial capital outlay associated with buying IPv4 addresses, which is particularly beneficial given the increasing prices in the IPv4 market.
Flexibility and Scalability: Organizations can adjust their IP resource requirements dynamically, choosing between long-term leases for stability and monthly agreements for maximum flexibility.
Speed and Accessibility: Leasing IP addresses typically provides quicker access compared to purchasing, enabling businesses to swiftly adapt to growth opportunities or project needs.
Risk Mitigation: Leasing offers a means to navigate the uncertainty surrounding the IPv4 market, including price fluctuations and the transition to IPv6. By leasing IPv4 addresses, organizations can gradually transition to IPv6, reducing the risk of future obsolescence.

Comparative Cost Analysis: Prefixx’s IPv4 Leasing vs. AWS Public IP Charges(with hike)

When considering options for handling your public IP requirements, it's essential to grasp the cost differences between AWS's offerings and Prefixx's IPv4 leasing solutions. Below is a comprehensive comparison highlighting the annual savings potential with Prefixx for a /24 IP range.

AWS's Pricing Structure:

  • Monthly Cost for a /24 Range: $921.60

  • Annual Cost: $11,059.20's IPv4 Leasing Solutions:

  • Monthly Cost for a /24 Range: $153.60

  • Annual Cost: Ranges between $1,644 (our average cost of $8.4 per IP) to potentially lower or higher, depending on specific leasing conditions. Our pricing is tailored to offer flexibility and cost-efficiency, with variations to accommodate your specific needs:

    • Lowest Annual Cost per IP: $7.2 (under optimal conditions)

    • Highest Annual Cost per IP: $12 (for premium or specialized requirements)

a table showing AWS and Prefixx cost factors

Annual Savings with Prefixx:

Opting for for your IPv4 leasing requirements could result in annual savings of up to $9,415.20 compared to AWS's charges for the equivalent /24 IP range. This significant cost reduction highlights the effectiveness of our leasing solutions, especially for businesses aiming to streamline operational costs without sacrificing the quality or reliability of their IP assets.

Why Choose Prefixx's IPv4 Leasing?

  • Cost Efficiency: Our competitive pricing models are designed to provide significant savings, making it a financially viable option for long-term IP resource management.

  • Flexibility & Scalability: Tailor your IP resource distribution to match your changing business demands, with the flexibility to scale as needed without significant financial repercussions.

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you seek the most economical option or require specialized IP solutions, our flexible pricing ensures you receive optimal value tailored to your precise needs.

Case Studies: The Advantage of IPv4 Leasing through Prefixx

IPv4 leasing provides numerous advantages for businesses spanning diverse sectors. Through Prefixx's IPv4 leasing services, companies can achieve notable cost reductions, increased scalability, and enhanced operational effectiveness. The following table presents detailed example scenarios showcasing the concrete benefits realized by organizations across various industries.



Monthly Savings

Annual Savings

VoIP Services

By leasing 20,000 IPs, a VoIP provider bypassed the high costs of AWS's IP charges, achieving remarkable cost efficiency.



Data Mining

A firm leased 5,632 IPs at $0.45 per IP/month, significantly reducing operational costs compared to AWS's public IP pricing.



Online Gaming

An online gaming company needed dynamic IP allocation to support global players, finding leasing a flexible and cost-effective solution.




An e-commerce platform, anticipating traffic spikes during sales seasons, leased IPs for scalability while keeping costs predictable.



Crypto Trading

Leasing 7,168 IPs allowed a crypto trading platform to operate more profitably by reducing monthly IP expenses.



Cloud Services

A cloud service provider leveraged leased IPs to support its expanding infrastructure, optimizing costs while scaling.



IT Security Services

For an IT security firm, leasing IPs allowed for the setup of numerous decoy networks (honeypots) at a fraction of the cost, enhancing their cybersecurity measures.



Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

CDNs require extensive IP resources to deliver content globally. Leasing IPs proved to be a cost-effective strategy for enhancing global reach without the heavy capital investment in IPs.




A telecommunications company leveraged IP leasing to enhance network redundancy and improve service reliability for customers.



Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT services utilize leased IPs to securely manage patient data across multiple locations, ensuring compliance and data protection.



Educational Platforms

Online educational platforms leased IPs to manage increased traffic during peak learning periods, maintaining seamless access for learners worldwide.



Marketing & Analytics

Digital marketing and analytics firms used leased IPs for data scraping and competitive analysis, significantly reducing operational costs.



Strategic Advantages with Prefixx

Opting for IPv4 leasing from a provider like Prefixx offers a strategic approach to managing the challenges and costs associated with internet protocols, particularly in light of AWS's updated pricing. This solution helps alleviate financial burdens and provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving internet infrastructure. It's a smart move that addresses not only current IPv4 needs but also prepares organizations for the transition to IPv6. Through leasing, companies can avoid significant upfront investments in IP assets while maintaining the flexibility to scale and update their network infrastructure. This method ensures operational continuity and connectivity, allowing businesses to leverage existing IPv4 resources efficiently while preparing for future technological shifts.

Navigating the IPv6 Transition

The transition to IPv6 poses unique challenges and complexities, particularly for organizations operating in a dual-stack environment to support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. AWS's recent hike in pricing for IPv4 usage adds another layer of complexity to these challenges, highlighting the need for a careful strategy in navigating the IPv6 transition.

The IPv6 Transition Challenge:

The internet's shift toward IPv6 is inevitable due to the depletion of IPv4 addresses and the demand for a larger IP address space. However, this transition comes with its own challenges. Many businesses currently operate in a dual-stack environment, managing both IPv4 and IPv6 usage. AWS's updated IPv4 pricing model complicates this further, requiring organizations to address both financial and technical considerations.

For those seeking guidance on this journey, our article provides valuable information, including effective strategies for IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling. These insights are essential for businesses aiming to manage the transition efficiently, minimizing disruptions while optimizing costs.

Role of IPv4 Leasing in Transition Strategies:

In this changing landscape, IPv4 leasing emerges as a crucial strategy, providing businesses with the flexibility to continue using IPv4 resources while gradually transitioning to IPv6 integration. This method not only reduces the risks associated with the transition but also ensures uninterrupted operations. By utilizing IPv4 leasing, organizations can implement a phased approach to IPv6 integration, following best practices and strategic insights available in resources like our internal blog. This gradual transition strategy enables a smoother shift to IPv6, addressing the intricate technical and financial challenges associated with such a substantial infrastructure change.

Conclusion: Navigating AWS's IPv4 Charges with Precision

The adjustment in AWS's IPv4 pricing strategy prompts a need for a careful review of IP management strategies. Prefixx offers a practical and cost-effective remedy to this issue by providing IPv4 leasing options that cut down costs while improving flexibility and scalability for digital businesses. This method not only addresses the financial effects of AWS's pricing alterations but also guarantees operational adaptability and expansion. Opting for Prefixx’s IPv4 leasing represents a strategic choice for maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the digital arena.

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