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A complete guide to buying and transferring APNIC IPv4

  • Posted at 2020-08-29 17:12:13
  • By Prefixx Team

A complete guide to buying and transferring APNIC IPv4

The Internet has revolutionized the way we think and process information in our daily lives. For a layman, the internet is a global village at the click of a button. But behind the screens, it is a complex process consisting of a hierarchy of databases, registries, and networks. For the smooth operation of these networks, it is divided into 5 registries distributed regionally based on their location.

APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is among the five regional registries and cater to the Asia Pacific region. It is a not for profit entity that consists of various service providers, national Internet registries, and similar interest groups in the sector. Its primary responsibility is to allocate IP addresses such as IPv4, IPv6 along with assigning autonomous numbering for various systems.

IPv4 or Internet Protocol Version 4 is one of the major protocols that are used commonly in the Internet identity registry. It is a connectionless protocol that uses 32-bit addresses for identification. It has around 4 billion addresses out of which 18 million are specially reserved for private networks that are not directly communicating to public networks. They are usually expressed as a binary integer value with a dot-decimal notation. It usually consists of four octets, written as decimal numbers separated by a period symbol. Even though an upgraded version of IPv6 is in operation, most of the network is predominantly routed through IPv4 protocol.

APNIC IPv4 Transfer Guide

Even after the introduction of the advanced version IPv6, many users still prefer IPv4 addresses owing to its low cost and the tedious procedure of up-gradation. This has led to a natural scarcity of IPv4 space amid a consistent rise in its demand.

The APNIC IPv4’s are transferable between two legal entities based on the policies and guidelines laid out by APNIC. The transfer takes place between a source entity to a recipient and ensures that allocated IPs are used properly by the entities. For the IP transfers, both parties should possess a valid APNIC account. The step-by-step process is as given below,

1. On the 'MyAPNIC' account, the source account holder will initiate a transfer of the IP that is up for sale.

2. The recipient has to acknowledge this within a stipulated period. Usually, a time interval of 30 days from the transfer initiation date is allotted for the recipient to acknowledge the same.

3. The APNIC team will verify the transfer while the recipient has to submit a transfer fee before obtaining the IP. There are different plans available for the transfers based on the membership status of the recipient. Members can use services at a discounted rate, while the plans for non-members are at a higher cost. Each recipient can verify the transfer fee rates by entering their requirements on an online transfer fee calculator tool on the APNIC website.

The IPv4’s can be bought through an auction method that is also a very prevalent practice among many entities. A user can register in any of the sites that are legally entitled to carry out such a transaction. The IPs that are up for sale/transfer are notified on the site and are auctioned. Different entities wishing for a particular IP can bid for the same till a stipulated period after which it goes to the right bidder.

IPv4 Brokers

Apart from the direct bidding process, registered IPv4 brokers are also engaged in the transfer process. These brokers are not linked to APNIC but are registered with APNIC for carrying out these transfer operations. The names of such listed IPv4 brokers are available on the APNIC website. Prefixx is one such IPv4 broker with years of experience that offers a hassle-free operation of IP transfers for their clients.

We carry out all the processes on behalf of the client and deliver the desired results. Prefixx makes use of their legal and technical expertise for conducting all due diligence activities concerning the IPv4s that are up for sale. This saves a lot of valuable time for their clients and prevents them from getting entangled in any fraudulent transactions. The analytics and due diligence activities ensure that the respective address space is clear and verified by the corresponding regional internet registry. Unlike the bidding process, the brokers offer a fixed rate so that the clients can readily purchase a particular domain rather than going through the uncertain process of auctioning. It also ensures that the transfer process completes in a time-bound manner.

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