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Prefixx IPv4 Broker - Registered IP Brokerage Company with both ARIN and RIPE NCC

  • Posted at 2020-04-28 08:21:46
  • By Prefixx Team

Prefixx IPv4 Broker - Registered IP Brokerage Company with both ARIN and RIPE NCC

Do you consider selling your IPv4 address?

Then don’t think twice the time is ripe to make your kill.
In this article, we walk you from the basics to finding a perfect broker who will easily facilitate the process for you.
So let us jump in.

The IPv4 stands for the 4th version of the Internet Protocol. Considered as one of the core protocols, it finds its use in packet-switched layered networks. The IPv4 identifies each device and provides a logical connection between the network devices.

IPv4 availability issues

The original internet architecture contained fewer than 4.3 billion addresses, and its exhaustion has been expected since the late 1980s when the internet experienced dramatic growth. The reasons that caused the depletion IPv4 market were a fast-growing number of internet users, mobile devices, and always-on devices.

IPv4 has two major problems. There are about 7.8 billion people in the world, and nearly half of them own a computer. Likewise, around 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. If you give each person just one IPv4 address, there would still be a shortage of more than 3 billion IPv4 addresses. So there’s no point to reclaim lost address space.

Secondly, the other issue is Network Address Translation. Overloaded NAT breaks a few applications and provides no extra security against internet threats. As a result, the cost rises with no added benefits.

ARIN IPv4 space got exhausted in September 2015. So providers will be unable to supply routable public IPv4 addresses. Like a snowball effect, you won’t be able to get additional IPv4 addresses.

Buying IPv4 addresses

Buying IPv4 addresses can be quite difficult if you’re a beginner. There are precise specifications that you must follow.

Pre-approval- Provide ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC about using your current address and future growth options.
Find a broker that you feel they care about.

Price: Prices are usually based on size, clarity, and region.

Transfer of IPv4: Escrow is famous for transferring payment. After receiving the payment, the sellers will verify the pre-approval and fix the fee amount- the addresses now belong to you.

Update the essentials: Firewalls, Whois, ARIN, border ACLs, DNS records, and Geo-IP services.

Selling IPv4 addresses

First of all, it is permitted by law to sell your excess IPv4 addresses. In the early days, many sellers didn’t know about this. It was believed that it was legally not permitted to sell, but the legal IPv4 transfer is allowed. As the demand increased in the IPv4 market, the RIRs got involved.

As a seller, you have to know that there are a few buyers who dominate the market. Most of them are internet service providers, software companies, and cloud computing vendors who require IPv4 addresses to provide as a bundle package they are selling to their customers. Many successful buyers have professional staff to look after this process.

But as a seller, you may ever participate in a couple of these transactions. As a result, you may not have the expertise or data at your disposal. You should get yourself a good advisor, lawyer, or broker who can advise you about the risks and benefits the opportunity presents.

Buying IPv4 with the Prefixx IPv4 broker made the process simple.

There are various benefits when you reach out to a broker. It frees you of the complicated procedures. They have a vast knowledge of the necessary policies and connect buyers and sellers to quicken the process. They help negotiate price, time, law and assist in safe transactions.
Selling your IPv4 address can be challenging. There are many requirements that you have to follow in various regions. Prefixx is a registered brokerage firm with RIPE NCC and ARIN. They specialize in linking sellers to buyers. Also, they assist you throughout the process. They help you identify buyers, help you through the paperwork, explain all the requirements, and secure your transaction.

Now is a perfect time to sell.

If you have excess Pv4 addresses and want to sell them, the time is ripe to put it into action. These days IPv4 blocks are in high demand because the supply is becoming limited. So in the past few months, there is a dramatic increase in prices, and experts say that prices have nearly doubled and they expect the rate to peak up shortly.

So what are you waiting for? Prefixx IPv4 broker will assist you all along the way. Contact us to discuss your IPv4 needs today. No hidden charges, free consult! 

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