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First Seizure of IPv4 Addresses from RIPE NCC

  • Posted at 2021-01-31 17:36:12
  • By Prefixx Team

First Seizure of IPv4 Addresses from RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC announced the first seizure of IPv4 registry rights subject to the Dutch judicial order in a report published on October 2, 2020. RIPE NCC carried out in compliance with the decree, the switch of the IP addresses from its divesting debtor towards its creditor. Though it was not possible to own these Domain names, they were obviously neither legacy.

It therefore conferred no "property rights" and the rights of registration were considered to become an enforceable right which had validity and was to be used to fulfill the judgment.

The RIPE NCC has further conferred very specified guidance regarding all the future cases:

To summarize the whole thing, the RIPE NCC will have to comply with the judicial orders. Which are towards the seizing of rights of registration for the IP addresses and towards the money recovery that:

1) Has come into effect and is recognized by the courts of the Netherlands.

2) To be served in advance on the RIPE NCC by a bailiff in the shape of a genuine implementable document (for example a court order).

3) Apply directly to the RIPE NCC and establish an obligation for the transition to be carried out by the RIPE NCC. This does not mean it is appropriate to label the RIPE NCC as a defendant.

4) State the particular resources at issue.

Ultimately, it is important to note that on a particular circumstance basis, each order will be examined. We retain the right to challenge any transition. If we conclude that such an order or the related parties attempting to execute the order are non-conforming. It needs to conform to RIPE policies or the RIPE NCC process.

This growth, in any case, certainly raises serious issues: 

1) Would the same standard be adopted by other Regional Internet Databases? 

2) Would lenders be comfortable taking such rights as leverage until "registration rights" could be seized to fulfill a judgment? 

3) Would there be direct financing for the purchasing of IPv4 accounts, thereby supplying the IPv4 sector with far more liquidity?

4) What will a lender do before debt is paid to defend against the creditor moving the Network address?

It looks like that, the subject to a creditor must get more comfortable with the terms and the procedure. That the process should be a more open door for more opportunities of direct funding against the IP address as the collateral.

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