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Five Steps to buying IPv4 Addresses - Reliable IPv4 Transactions from Prefixx Broker

  • Posted at 2019-09-03 12:40:30
  • By Prefixx Team

Five Steps to buying IPv4 Addresses - Reliable IPv4 Transactions from Prefixx Broker

The IPv4 address space depletion is a gnawing global issue for the entire Internet. Unfortunately, companies and network professionals are showing a cold shoulder approach to the heed to switch to IPv6 as a remedial measure owing to the operational complexity and impact such a transition could incur. 
The abysmally lower rate of IPv6 adaptation promises a higher life span for IPv4 address than expected. Knowing that IPv4 address spaces are not in a precarious state as once believed, people started to use it as much as possible with newfound confidence.
 The depleting IPv4 address space and improved demand for IPv4 make the distribution and allocations a cumbersome experience. Activities related to IP distribution, management and registration are controlled worldwide by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). To ensure uniform accessibility and distribution of this precious and highly depleting IPv4 address, 5 regional Internet Registries (RIR) - ARINRIPE, APNICLACNIC, and AfriNIC- are established by IANA. Each registry manages the IP delegation for the assigned geographical region in a non-profit and transparent way.
All RIRs are at the verge of IPv4 exhaustion and it means getting a new IP address is almost next to impossible with lengthy application processes and long waiting times. In some regions waiting times are up to 2 years now with no guarantees that space will ever be assigned to convince them about your absolute necessity. This scarcity of IPv4 address and the increasing demand for it creates a perfect ecosystem for internal transfer of IPv4 address across organizations, albeit at a higher cost. 

No more IPv4, so where do we get them from then?

It’s true that IPv4 availability with RIRs has depleted but that doesn’t mean that the entire IPv4 address space is currently being utilized. There is a reasonably good volume of IPv4 address still unused either due to non-optimized allocation or due to procuring of IP addresses as a result of an acquisition or merger. These IPs can be traded between parties either by selling it or temporarily leasing them.
Although every RIR carries their own process for acquiring IPv4 addresses, each RIR goes through the following steps as given below.

1. Pre-approval:

When the availability is restricted, it’s the responsibility of RIRs to ensure that the resources are allocated in the most judicious way. The client has to convince the RIR about your current utilization rates and the reasons for the additional IP block through multi-stage and time-consuming process.  

2. Find IP Brokers: 

The available IPv4 addresses and the customers who want it are scattered across the world. Registered IP brokers such as act as a convergence point for the buyer and seller and help them to trade the IPs as per the requirements. With extensive industry expertise, a diverse client portfolio and strong partners, is the most dependable IPv4 broker for all your IPv4 address operations.

3. Safe, Transparent IPv4 Transactions

As a registered IP broker, has Experience with IP migrations and transfers in various different regions. Our wide experience in the industry helps us to identify the right vendors within your budgetary constraints and ensure that the IPs are clean without any reputation issues to vex you at a later stage. Whether it is an IP purchase, leasing or transfer of IP, we have an avid understanding of the procedures to ensure that the entire process is carried out in the most transparent and secure way.

4. IPv4 Transfer

Once the vendor and the price are confirmed, we carry out the necessary legal procedure to ensure that the transfer happens in the most efficient way. Once payment has been confirmed by both parties the transfer will be initiated. For payment third-party escrow accounts are used to ensure the safety of our transactions for both buyers and sellers.

5. Finalize transaction

Once the transaction is complete, we ensure that the legal entitlements are properly transferred to the new owner as per the plan specification.  Be it within the same RIR or with different registries, ensures your complete IP transfer in a flexible, but thorough and efficient way.
When we act as your IP brokers, be assured that your IP requirements are met in the most professional and cost-effective way.

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