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How to find and fix IP Address Blacklisting?

  • Posted at 2021-08-31 15:40:57
  • By Prefixx Team

How to find and fix IP Address Blacklisting?

What is blacklisting?

Blacklisting is the process of naming or grouping a certain list under the theme of un-trustworthy or to-be avoided. IP Addresses are often blacklisted to ensure smooth functions over email servers. If there was no blacklisting, the email boxes would fill up with spam -  some irrelevant content and some malicious content as well. Some spams are highly harmful as they contain malware that can retrieve sensitive information from an individual's computer/laptop. So, blacklisting is an important activity to maintain order and avoid chaos in the networking systems. 

Why is your IP Blacklisted?

There are different criteria set by different databases to blacklist an IP address. The primary reason behind such blacklisting is suspicious behavior noted on that IP. This behavior is an imitation of a malicious software program or a bot. There can be a technical issue as well. Technical reasons include missing or incorrect DNS records, missing or wrong banner greetings, non-operational mail servers, and more. Sometimes there are errors in the blacklisting process. Important servers and IP Addresses can also be wrongfully blacklisted. If such a case has happened with you, you can follow the steps given below to get it resolved.

How to fix my IP Address?

If your IP Address is blacklisted, do not worry, it can be resolved in a couple of steps.

The simplest way to un-blacklist an IP address is to visit the website, and then understand the reason behind your blacklisting. You can then try to reverse the blacklist and resolve the issue. You might require basic knowledge of computer software to do. This is not a very complex process. There is a lot of content on the internet, including our blogs. You can follow the steps and easily resolve the issue. 

In case, the simple way is not helping in resolving the issue, there are other ways too. A pre-requisite for this is to ensure that your mail server and networks are properly configured. Any error in them can also cause blacklisting and hinder the process of un-blacklisting. So, ensure that all DNS records, SMTP banners are in order. You must also scan your device for viruses and malware. You would have to remove these before fixing the IP issue. While running such a test, you should also fix any needed patches and configure the routers securely. 

Process for Fixing your IP Address

The first step in the process of un-blacklisting or fixing your IP is - Identifying the sites. You have to identify the blacklisting sites. You can cross-check your IP address across these sites and gain more information regarding the issue at hand. Some of the most common sites are Scamcop, Barracuda, and Sorbs. You can visit these sites and check their listings as well. You might be able to assess the reason behind your blacklisting and rectify it.

You can contact the blacklist operator to remove a particular IP address from their list. You can send an email to these operators citing your issue. This might take a while but this is a process that does not require much to do from your end. Your IP Address will be fixed automatically. Although this becomes a little complex for repeated offenders. Be nice and articulate in your approach. If your IP is a light-offender, there are higher chances for it to be fixed soon. Keep track of your emails. You can also cross-check with the blacklisting websites. You might find that your IP has been removed from their sites.

Once your IP Address is fixed, you must be aware of the mistakes made from your end. If you can find the exact reason behind your blacklisting, you must be conscious of this and not repeat this mistake. You should also keep your device clean, running regular checks on virus and malware content. 

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