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IPv4 exhaustion: How can we Buy IPv4 in 2021?

  • Posted at 2021-10-20 14:46:27
  • By Prefixx Team

IPv4 exhaustion: How can we Buy IPv4 in 2021?

The advent of covid and global lockdowns has altered the internet space drastically. Obsolete and non-used Internet Protocol version 4 has seen a massive comeback in a market turning digital. The rise in demand has pushed the prices high and reduced availability. In such a scenario, the chances of fraudulent activity increases as companies and business owners are frantically looking to buy IPV4 addresses. In the article, we will understand the reason for such a price hike and the right way to approach buying IPV4 in 2021. 

The IPV4 Space

All The main internet registries, notably ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC, have been particularly active in the IPv4 market through 2020.

Hosting providers, Internet Service Providers, cable companies, and telecom companies have been struggling to catch up with the growing demands for IPv4 address utilization. Generated by more people who are forced to remain indoors, unlike some other businesses that have seen lowered demand for their offerings due to physical shutdowns and government-enforced quarantines.

Moreover, the fresh work approach from home does not appear to be going away in 2021. Companies have discovered that their workers can carry out their duties with no need for traditional office space. This allows most businesses to cut overhead expenses and preemptively disassociate long-term lease obligations.

What's Driving The Rise In Price For IPV4?

To buy IPV4 services in 2021, one must be ready to shell out more than usual. The hike in demand is pushing up prices. There are several other reasons for IPV4 exhaustion in 2021. This includes:

• Positive Vaccine News - Organizations' confidence improves as we approach closer to the availability of a Covid vaccination. This motivates businesses to spend more on Opex or Capex in 2021, knowing that revenue will rise in the subsequent year.
• Year-End Budgets - Prices always rise in the fourth quarter because every business wants to utilize their end-of-year budgets to guarantee they have almost the same budget the subsequent year. What easier way of justifying investing more money than to buy an asset worth appreciation that also provides revenue?
• Low Number Of IPV4 Addresses - This is the minimum IPv4 quantity that have had been available commercially for purchase to date. If consumption is increasing at the very same rate as it has till now over the previous year, there may be a long queue to purchase IP numbers in Q1.
• Very High Demand Of IPV4 Addresses - As per the latest ARIN data, it reveals that there were 15% more requests than successful trades in 2020. This is indicating that demand is high and availability is limited, resulting in higher IPv4 costs in Q1 of 2021.

How does Prefixx Help Bridge The Gap?

Prefixx is an ultimate one-stop solution for all your IPV4 related trades. One can buy and sell IPV4 addresses here with ease and comfort. The website has a host of IPV4 addresses to buy from amidst the highly competitive market. 

The Process Of Buying And Selling In Prefixx

The process of buying or selling IPV4  addresses in prefixx is relatively simple.

1. The First step is the paperwork - Prefixx prepares a list of buyers and sellers and advocates and agreement. There are allocating assignment plans to choose from. This will allocate IPV4 addresses as and when it is available. It also allows for swift approval when a trade is made. 
2. The Second step is the management of the transaction. The purchase record or any lease agreement is drawn between the parties. The funds are transferred and held in an escrow account until the trade is completed. This provides a reliable process of fund transfer after ensuring fair trade. 
3. The final step is the completion of the transaction. The funds held in escrow accounts are transferred upon verification of sale. Once the buyer is allocated an IPV4 address, the funds are transferred to the seller. 

Prefixx makes the process of buying and selling IPV4 regulated and controlled in the market with high demand. The chances of the fraudulent transactions are negated with escrow accounts and trade verification. Prefixx also makes all the required agreements of sale/lease. The buyers and sellers need to only complete the transfer of allocation and the rest of the process is taken care of by Prefixx. 

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