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European Internet Registry has run out of IPv4 Addresses. How to get RIPE IPv4 Address?

  • Posted at 2020-02-20 13:49:03
  • By Prefixx Team

European Internet Registry has run out of IPv4 Addresses. How to get RIPE IPv4 Address?

IPv4 run out

The internet has run out of IPv4 addresses because:

  1. IPv4 can create a maximum number of 4.3 billion addresses. The current number of internet users is over 4.3 billion (2019).
  2. Users are demanding and using multiple IP addresses. Additionally, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are also assigned IP addresses.
  3. Despite the introduction of IPv6 (128-bit address space) the demand for IPv4 continues to grow, even in developed economic regions such as Europe.

RIPE registry

In terms of IP address allocation, the internet is divided into 5 regions. Each region is managed by an organization called a Regional Internet Registry (RIR).
Europe, along with West Asia and former USSR, is known as the RIPE registry. It is administered by the Réseaux IP European’s Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), a nonprofit organization spread across 76 countries. The RIPE NCC is headquartered in Amsterdam. It also has a branch office in Dubai.
Anyone can register as a member of RIPE. Current members of RIPE include individuals, Internet service providers (ISPs), IP address brokers, corporates, Telcos, governments, educational institutions and regulatory agencies.

Other Internet registry & IPv4 depletion

RIPE and three other RIRs have already exhausted their IPv4 pool of free addresses. Africa, the 5th RIR, has notified entry into its first phase of the exhaustion.
New IPv4 addresses cannot be created and many addresses are either private or non-assignable i.e. those addresses with all 0s or 1s. Furthermore, Ipv6 is yet to become the standard.
Considering all of the factors, IPv4 demand outweighs the supply. As a result, the market has allowed many brokers to service this demand.
Brokers with presence across multiple RIRs have a better leverage to save on time, effort and costs for acquiring an IPv4 address.

IPv4 waiting list

Naturally, if something of value is not available in high supply, it has a waiting list. RIPE NCC maintains this list and prescribes rules for allocation. Preference is given to RIPE NCC members, who can request 24-hour allocation of IPv4 addresses.
RIPE NCC aggregates unused and unwanted IPv4 addresses from the market and then allocates them to members in the waiting list, as and when possible.
A common RIPE practice is to allocate RIPE IPv4 address to a wider base of applicants. To achieve this, it does not allow more than one address to the same application. Brokers secure multiple addresses by filing multiple unique applications or buying addresses allotted to other applicants.
RIPE NCC also holds recovered IPv4 addresses for a quarantine period, to ensure safety before the next allotment.

How to get RIPE IPv4

As of 27th Aug 2019 notification of RIPE, nearly1.91 million IPv4 addresses were available for allotment. The notification also stated that the available addresses were being allotted at an extremely fast pace. RIPE NCC members have access to the latest figures for availability.
There are two ways to get RIPE IPv4 addresses:
  1.   1. Register as a member with RIPE NCC and apply for the address. This process is slow, cumbersome and cannot serve any unplanned requirements.
  2. Seek the services of a broker already registered with RIPE. This process saves on overall costs, time and effort. Additionally, brokers can deliver to your sudden requirements at hedged costs.

Prefixx IPv4 broker - Sell/Buy/Lease RIPE IPv4

Prefixx is a registered RIPE IP broker with:

  1. A huge inventory for immediate sale or leasing.
  2. Capability to line up buyers for IPv4 allocations as small as a /24.
  3. Vast network of suppliers for quick sourcing of addresses.
  4. An experienced team of experts to shortlist and deliver the Ipv4 addresses that match your needs with proper documentation and seamless transaction.
  5. An efficient and secure transaction process. Since Prefixx is also registered with ARIN RIR, it can secure transactions of IPv4 addresses across geographies and leverage better prices for each transaction.

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