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How did IPv4 exhaustion happen? How to obtain IPv4 addresses quickly?

  • Posted at 2020-12-29 17:54:44
  • By Prefixx Team

How did IPv4 exhaustion happen? How to obtain IPv4 addresses quickly?

The internet is gaining popularity all over the world as the single source that interconnects billions of people. From a closed group of military users, it is now empowering almost every aspect of human life. But a great deal of background architecture is behind this seamless interconnection and information flow. Every system or node in the internet network has a unique identification known as IP (Internet Protocol) address. IPv4 is the major 32 bit protocol that is prevalent in the existing internet network. The allocation of these protocols are through various regional internet registers known as RIRs. But the unprecedented demand for IPv4s has led to the exhaustion of them within a short time span.

How many IPv4 are there?

Launched in 1982, the IPv4 still handles a major portion of the internet traffic. Even after the introduction of IPv6, the internet protocol version 4 continues to be the preferred choice of most networks. It uses a 32-bit integer value for representation mostly in the form of dot-decimal notation. Across 5 regional internet registries (RIR), there are around 4 billion IPv4s in current use. Out of this 4 billion IPv4s, approximately 270 million are available for multicast addresses. Around 18 million address are reserved for private network. But the rising trends in internet use suggests an increase in IPv4 requirement. The current number of available IPv4 address falls short of meeting this demand.

IPv4 Exhaustion.

Around 6 billion people are using the provision of IP address across different regions. Additionally, they are accessing the internet using multiple devices such as tablets, mobile, computer etc. This creates a huge task of allocating unique IP addresses to each of these devices. Due to this all the RIRs are reporting an exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. By around 2011, a top-level exhaustion of IPv4 occurred. Subsequently, all the 5 internet registries reported IPv4 depletion in the coming years. The reasons for the depletion of IPv4 are given below,

•Increase in internet user base – there is a large increase in the number of internet users in the world. Competition among various service providers led to lower data price. Even in the developing economies, the internet services are now affordable and more people have access to it.

•Multiple devices – the advent of smart mobile/tablet is a key driver of internet use. E-commerce, mobile applications, online streaming etc. fuels the use of multiple devices in the internet network. Providing unique identification for all these devices create demand for more IPv4 allocation.

•Low utilization of allocated IPv4s- big corporations usually buy a number of IPv4s for their future use. But it is not put to complete utilization.

•Lower acceptance for IPv6 - IPv6 was slated to mitigate the shortage of IPv4. Unfortunately it is less popular than IPv4 and has a very low acceptance.

How can we get IPv4 Addresses?

Despite the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses there are large number of unused IPv4s with different entities. Among the regional internet registries (RIRs), only APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) is currently allocating IPv4 address. But the process of purchasing IPv4s directly from the RIR is quite tedious. The other viable option for quick purchase of IPv4s is through brokers and market places. A user needs to exert discretion while dealing with the market places to avoid fraudulent deals. The user will have to spend a lot of time and money for conducting due diligence activities.

Prefixx ( is your trusted partner for obtaining IPv4 address quickly. It is a registered broker with leading regional internet registries. With a team of experts having more than 12 years of experience, Prefixx eases the entire process of IPv4 purchase. It carries out all due diligence activities on behalf of the client. The necessary documentation works are completed with transparency. The client can choose suitable IP addresses from the large database of Prefixx.

Different plans are available according to client requirements. Prefixx has plans for both purchase and leasing of IPv4 based on short term and long term requirements. Once the requirements are confirmed, Prefixx offers complete background check and purchase agreement preparation. The end to end financial transactions are processed through an escrow account. In short the client gets a hassle free IPv4 purchase/lease experience that is secure. For quick purchase of IPv4 address log on to today itself.

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