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IPv4 rental service: How to rent IPv4 address from an IPv4 broker?

  • Posted at 2022-04-30 17:09:24
  • By Prefixx Team

IPv4 rental service: How to rent IPv4 address from an IPv4 broker?

There are around 4 billion IP addresses in IPV4 or Internet Protocol Version 4. While 4 billion is a huge number, it must be noted that the number of devices connected to the internet worldwide also exceeds 4 billion.

From this, it is clear that there is a shortage of IPV4 addresses. Under this situation, renting IPv4 addresses is a good idea and this is what many users are doing. We look at how to rent IPv4 addresses from a reputed broker.

The IPv4 shortage

It was in November 2019 that the internet registry RIPE NCC issued an alert that it had run out of IPv4 addresses. This was not shocking news since experts had been warning about it for many years. IPv6 was designed as an alternative to solve this problem. But unfortunately, the jump to IPv6 did not happen since ISPs chose to look the other way.

The shortage of IPv4 addresses has resulted in a secondary market emerging. The result is that ISPs are not showing interest in deploying IPv6 addresses. The result now is that the price of IPv4 addresses has started to fluctuate. Supply and demand now regulate IPv4 prices.

IPv4: Buying vs. Rental

Anyone looking for an IPv4 address has two options. One is to buy an IPv4 address and the other is to get it on a rental basis. Here is a comparison of buying and rental.

• Buying an IP address is expensive as compared to renting. If you buy the address, it would belong to you to use as you will. If you get it on rent, you are bound by the rental agreement.

• Since IPv4 addresses are scarce, finding one for sale is not easy. People who have IPv4 addresses would not be willing to sell it and would prefer renting or leasing it out. Renting is thus a more practical option in today’s situation of shortage of addresses.

• Buying an IPv4 address is expensive, whereas renting it out costs much lesser. You can save money when you rent an IPv4 address.

• If you need an IPv4 address for a short duration, then rental is a better option. You can execute a lease agreement for the duration you want and once you are done using it, you can return the address to the owner.

Get revenue from leasing your IP allocation

IPv4 addresses are now like diamonds. They are scarce resources in high demand. We don’t know how trends will change in the future, but at present IPv4 addresses can fetch you handsome returns. If you have an unused IP allocation, then you can make money from it by leasing it out.

Keeping in mind the market trend, it makes business sense to lease the IPv4 address. The Regional Internet Registry permits this and you can get revenue from it. You can monetize the IPv4 allocation you have with you and earn money from it.

Users are looking for leasing options and finding them is easy when you work with a broker. Dealing directly with potential lessees can be a problem since you may not know where to find them. A good broker will help you find lessees easily.

Understand our process

If you are looking to rent IPv4 addresses and want a reliable broker, then you can consider Prefixx. Prefixx is an ARIN broker registered with RIPE NCC. They are operational for 15 years now and have established itself in the market. Their experience and their work in this field make them reliable brokers who you can work with.

Whether you wish to rent IPv4, buy, lease, or sell Prefixx is a one-stop partner for you. You can work with them for safe and transparent transactions. This is how their process works:

1. Once you let them know your needs, they will help you find a seller (if you want to buy) or a buyer (if you want to sell). They will help in drafting an allocation assignment plan and then agree. They would request pre-approval for transfer.

2. Prefixx would be available for help during the transaction by ensuring the lease or purchase agreement is signed. The funds would be in an escrow account until the transfer is complete.

3. Once the transaction is complete and the transfer is executed, the funds are released to the seller ensuring safety for all parties.

Working with Prefixx ensures you get the best advice and support from professionals in the field with expertise. You can get in touch with them to find out the information you desire about IPv4 transactions.

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