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How to Rent IPv4 Addresses for Short and Long-term Use? Best Market Place for IPv4 Lease.

  • Posted at 2020-09-16 14:52:46
  • By Prefixx Team

How to Rent IPv4 Addresses for Short and Long-term Use? Best Market Place for IPv4 Lease.

The Internet is often considered the gateway to the ocean of opportunities offered by the connected world. But it has also paved the way for increased competition between corporations sans geographical barriers. Think about the old railroad network for logistics! Now we have the omnipresent Internet connectivity highway replacing it. Internet Protocols (IPs) are the drivers of this virtual highway offering seamless connectivity between a complex web of servers and individual systems.

The regional Internet registry allocates various IPs such as IPv4 and IPv6 in the network based on their location. Among the Internet protocols, IPv4, or Internet Protocol Version 4 is the most widely used in the Internet identity registry. It is a connectionless protocol that uses 32-bit addresses as a unique identifier for systems in a network. According to estimates, close to 4 billion IP addresses are present in the current internet ecosystem enabling smooth information flow.

The Rise of IPv4 Market

World over, the Internet boom and the subsequent monetization of Internet services created a burgeoning demand for IPv4 addresses. In reality, many analysts observe that there has been a shortage of IP addresses that can handle the current traffic on the internet. At present, e-commerce activities, cloud storage, and the Internet of Things are driving this demand to new heights unheard of in the last decade.

In 2012, an upgraded version named IPv6 was launched to cater to this demand. But due to its low cost, the IPv4 continues to be the most preferred choice of most users and is in high demand. Interestingly, the ownership of an IP address doesn’t imply that it is actively in use.

According to expert opinion, around 20% of the allocated IPv4 address is unused. This opens up the possibility of buying and leasing unused IPv4 addresses between interested parties following a set of rules.

Lease or Buy IPv4 Addresses

According to the requirements and budget of the client, various options are available for owning IPv4 addresses. For long-term requirements, the options for buying IPv4 are available through brokers and exchanges. In the case of small corporations and for short term uses, leasing an IPv4 is a recommended budget-friendly option. Leasing an unused IPv4 is an additional revenue source for entities that own it.

The increased demand for renting IPv4 addresses has opened up an entire gamut of fraudulent brokers through a parallel black market. The buyers should exercise caution while renting IPv4 address from a provider. Most often, the clients don’t possess the necessary technical skills or capabilities for verifying the authenticity of the offered IPv4s. In this scenario, it is advisable to use the services of a trustworthy and authorized IPv4 broker.

Prefixx is your go-to IPv4 broker for all operations related to IPv4. It offers you different options for buying, selling, and leasing IPv4 addresses. The Prefixx team assists you in the lease/purchase of IPv4 address quickly with a hassle-free experience.

The team with more than 12 years of experience has access to a vast database of IP addresses that are up for lease across the globe. They will do all the due diligence, checks, and verifications necessary for the operation offering you an authentic rental plan for the IPv4.

How to Lease IPv4 Address for the short and long-term?

Leasing IPv4 address is a preferred option for most of the corporations due to the low cost of operations. It also avoids the complexities of ownership transfer of an IP address. The option of leasing is available for different time periods, from a few months to several years. This makes it suitable for both short term and long-term requirements of the client.
Prefixx acts as a one-stop-shop for all IPv4 related transactions. It provides end to end support from choosing the IPv4 to signing the lease agreement. The various steps for leasing an IPv4 address are as follows,

1. Requirement confirmation- the Prefixx team gets in touch with the client to confirm the requirements based on the duration and budget.

2. Due diligence – various background checks of the seller and the concerned IP address are performed for verifying the authenticity.

3. Price negotiation- price negotiations are carried out on behalf of the client to use maximum price benefits.

4. Lease agreement preparation- a lease agreement is prepared with the lease duration, amount, and the necessary terms and conditions.

5. Facilitating payment options-once the lease agreement is finalized, secure payment options are created for the transfer of funds between the buyer and seller.

6. Deal finalization – after the payment confirmation, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) is issued by the seller that allows the client to start using the IPv4s officially.

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