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How to transfer your IPv4 Address? Advantages of IPv4 Brokers

  • Posted at 2019-11-12 13:52:58
  • By Prefixx Team

How to transfer your IPv4 Address? Advantages of IPv4 Brokers

Acquiring an IPv4 address has never as difficult as now. It's not just the scarcity of IPv4 addresses, but its random distribution makes the process quite complicated. 
Five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) – AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC- control the IPv4 address management within their allocated geographical areas.
For instance, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has jurisdiction over the IPv4 allocations of the United States, Canada, many Caribbean, and North Atlantic islands. APNIC manages the Asia Pacific region, while RIPE and AFRINIC govern Europe and Africa, respectively.
The availability of IPv4 address has depleted almost completely with all RIRs. Still, some companies hold additional IPv4 addresses due to various business activities such as acquisitions, mergers, or the adoption of IPv6. 

How to own an IPv4 address? 

To own an IP block, you have to either buy an IPv4 address block or lease it. It involves multiple steps, such as seller identification, price negotiation, fund transfer, and change of ownership in the RIR records. 
Since the IP availability with each RIR is different, there is no guarantee about finding a seller within your RIR. In such cases, the entire process is going to be more complex and time-consuming. 
The IPv4 market is unorganized and lacks a formal price regulating mechanism. There are high possibilities for jacking up of the costs, especially when different RIRs are involved. Such a shady market puts a buyer at the risk of ending up with the wrong seller with inflated prices. 
An ownership change of the IPs in the RIR registry happens only after a meticulous vetting of legal and technical details. This multi-level evaluation makes the entire process a clumsy and tiring experience for the buyer. 

IP Transfer: The workflow

Whether it is an IP transfer within the same RIR or inter-RIR transfer, such as a transfer from ARIN to RIPE or vice versa, the essential pre-requisites are almost the same.
If you are a seller, the most crucial thing is to establish your legal entitlement over the IPv4 block. For that, you may need to submit your purchase deeds or ownership certificates to your RIR. 
There shouldn't be any disputes or claims regarding the IP address block. Similarly, IPs procured or transferred within a year are ineligible for transfer.
As a buyer, you should convince your RIR about your requirement for additional IPs. The RIR issues a Pre-approval after a detailed evaluation of your current IP usage, growth rate, and any other reasons given for the allocation of new IPv4 addresses. 
A pre-approval is valid for 24 months. This extended validity helps the user to make the necessary arrangements for anticipated IPv4 requirements without any last-minute confusions or worries. 
For an IP transfer within the same RIR, the process is quite simple and straight forward. The seller raises a ticket in the portal for the transfer of his IP address to the recipient. The buyer uses the same interface to create a support request and pre-approval to move the requested blocks to his ownership. The RIR support team evaluates the details and approve the transfer. Once the transfer is approved, they change the registry entries for the IP to the new owner. 
For transfers between RIRs, the seller expresses his intention of selling the IPv4 address to an external buyer to his local RIR. The buyer submits his request along with a valid Pre-approval certificate to his local RIR. Each RIRs makes the necessary verifications and approve the transfer as per the inter-RIR transfer guidelines. 
Since the evaluation and approval involves multiple partners, such migrations tend to be expensive and time-consuming. In the event of any conflict, the recipient RIR rules will have precedence. 

How help you to purchase or sell your IPv4 address?

The process of transfer of an IPv4 address is a bit complicated and tiresome experience for an individual buyer. Since the RIRs deal with different regions of diverse languages and currencies, the successful purchase is a stressful endeavor for a typical user.
To ease such burdens, RIRs have recognized some organizations, such as, as registered IPv4 brokers. These IP brokers assist individuals and organizations in meeting their IPv4 requirements in a systemic and organized way. is a registered IPv4 broker of ARIN and RIPE. We have extensive experience in performing various IPv4 operations and have a vast network of affiliations across different RIRs. 
We help you to transfer an IPv4 address by providing specialized services in all areas such as : 
1. Get a Pre-approval 
If you plan to add some IPv4 addresses to your address, pre-approval from your RIR is essential. Unfortunately, it's not a simple process. has long associations with all RIRs and has a deep understanding of their conditions to get things done accurately. It makes getting a pre-approval for your impending IP requirements a hassle-free process. 
2. Meet the right seller
Identifying the right seller for your IPv4 needs is more complicated than finding a match in Tinder. Since the RIRs deal with different regions, there will be a stark difference in legal terminologies, currency exchange, communications, and much more.
As an established IPv4 broker, has broad industry relationships across the globe. Such a vast network of business affiliations provides us access to an enormous database of available sellers globally. It is a vital resource in identifying the right seller or buyer for the transfer of IPv4 address space.
3. Price Negotiation
Usually, large blocks will be cheaper. A broker might be able to club small buyers to make a bulk purchase and share the cost advantages to the individual buyers. Since we involve negotiations regularly, we can help you with accurate and timely guidance at various stages. 
Signing an NDA or Non- Disclosure Agreement with the broker helps you to ensure that sensitive details such as pricing and purchase conditions are secure and confidential.
4. Block Examination
After finalizing the charges, the address block needs to undergo a detailed evaluation to prove it's technical and legal entitlements. has ample experience in carrying out such operations, and are well versed in identifying all the nuance of such elements. It empowers us to confirm the veracity of the claims in the most authentic way and to ensure peace of mind to our customers. 
5. Purchase Agreement and Fund Transfer
An Asset Purchase Agreement is the first step towards establishing a deal between the buyer and seller. As an established IPv4 broker we have great legal experience in setting up the constructors or get lawyer assistance according to the nature of the requirements
We can help you with multiple payment options such as direct wire transfer, solicitor account, or Escrow service for the secure exchange of funds. 
6. Ownership Transfer: 
Whether it is a transfer within the RIR or between RIRs, we ensure that the registrar details are modified to reflect the change. 
7. Start using the IP
Once you become the legal owner of the IP block. You can make the necessary routing modifications and start using it. 
Be it purchase, sell, transfer, or leasing of IPv4 address space, assures you the best and transparent services that, too, without loosening your wallet strings.

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