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How your location can be tracked on Omegle

  • Posted at 2022-12-12 21:56:32
  • By Prefixx Team

How your location can be tracked on Omegle

Omegle is a popular online chat and video application that is popular as a way for content creators to make fun of or inspire their friends. It is popular among young and older adults as people can make video calls with random strangers worldwide. Unfortunately, the sheer randomness of the platform also makes users feel nervous at times.


If you're on social media, you've probably seen a video in which the content producer scares the chatter(s) on the opposite side of the screen by exposing their location. It is so popular that these videos have grown into viral memes and other social media forms of share.


So, how exactly does this method work? First, how can Omegle users find out how far you live? Then how to stay safe when utilizing Omegle?


How Pranksters Access Omegle Geolocations?


Before we get into the concept, let's see how Omegle works. It is a P2P audio-visual or text chat platform. In layman's terms, peer-to-peer means that everyone you talk to is directly connected to you. It uses what's called the User Datagram Protocol, or UDP, instead of going through an intermediary or proxy.


Pranksters use Omegle's P2P technology to trail your IPv4 address when you connect to them using free network sniffing tools like Wireshark. Subsequently, utilize IP geolocation websites to find your approximate area, PIN, and other details.


While it may appear confusing and near magic to those unfamiliar with networking, the procedures are simple to repeat. It is crucial to understand the process to figure out why it is used. Let's have a look at how everything works.


How to trace an IP address?


The first step to finding someone is to get their IPv4 address. This can be done in several ways. Checking traffic to and from Omegle is the most popular and subtle way to track someone's IP address. A more direct approach is to create a phishing link using OSINT tools like Gravity. This approach requires a lot of convincing to persuade the target to hit the link. This makes it not always efficient, but when it does, it retrieves critical information including Internet address, location, device type, and installed software.

Network packets must be intercepted using a network sniffer program to be inspected. Wireshark & Tcpdump are popular tools.


Using Wireshark to extract an IP address through Network Packets


Initially, Wireshark or an equivalent application is launched and configured to a mode to observe. Then, the program begins to listen for and capture both inward & outward movement. The recorded traffic is subsequently filtered to isolate UDP connections to Omegle. Inspecting the processed packets will enable you to examine the plain text data flow from your IP address to the random person's IP address. It is a top-rated tool among online users. Several other similar websites keep popping up now and then.


IP Geolocation for Tracking Location


The primary method for determining the approximate area of an Internet Address is IP Geolocation.


Each ISP is assigned a unique set of IP addresses. These IP addresses are further divided by region. A geolocation website compares an IP address to a collection of range-to-area IP matches and, if a match is found, it gives the general location allocated to the IP address user entered. In most cases, the output location is a randomized point in an area with an IP address identical to the input IP, although it might also be an ISP routing junction. The truth is that it is only an approximate position.


Should you be worried about Omegle Geotracking?


While the notion of getting your PIN called back to you by a total stranger is unsettling, keep in mind that they have no access to critical information. They do not know where you reside. They just have a rough idea of where IPs such as yours are online. So, rather than you, the region wherein your IP number is live is being tracked.

While this is a creepy prank, there is hardly anything to be terrified about, and you are fine.


How to keep yourself safe on Omegle


You solely have to protect yourself online. As complicated as it may seem, your online safety depends on practicing basic online hygiene and keeping your wits about you while surfing. Especially in networks like Omegle, they are easy targets for scammers.

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