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Important Queries about IPv4

  • Posted at 2021-01-25 11:12:13
  • By Prefixx Team

Important Queries about IPv4

What is IPv4?

IPv4 or the internet protocol version 4 is the core protocol that supports internetwork transmission of data across the internet and similar packet –switch networks. This connection-less protocol was launched in 1982. Even today it is the most popular internet protocol that routes maximum internet traffic. It uses a 32-bit integer value for unique representation of the IP addresses. There are around 4 billion IPv4 addresses out of which 270 million addresses are for public networks. The rest 18 million addresses are reserved for private networks.

What Is IPv4 Number Block?

An IPv4 number block is a group of IP numbers that are unassigned to any devices in a network. It uses a CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing) for efficient classification and distribution of the IP addresses. As per the routing policies, it is a group of contiguous number that denotes a category of IP addresses. Each block is usually represented as a single digit number or with 16,777,216 contiguous numbers. In case of a single number representation, it shows a slash sign (/) followed by the respective size of the number block. Across the globe, the 5 regional internet registries (RIRs) allocate these blocks as per the location.

What happened to IPv4?

IPv4s are always in high demand due to their ease of access and popularity. Owing to the rise of e-commerce and internet-based businesses, corporations purchased bulk set of IP addresses. Even after the introduction of IPv6, organizations still prefer IPv4 for their business. But this has led to an extinction of IPv4 addresses in the market. Around 2011, a major IPv4 exhaustion took place across the regional internet registries. On the other hand more and more customers are willing to purchase IPv4 address.

How to Buy IPv4?

Despite the IPv4 exhaustion, there is a provision for buying IPv4s from the markets. All the allocated IPv4s are not actively in operations. Many large corporations buy IPv4 addresses in bulk for future purposes. With the advent IPv4 market place, there is an option for buying this unused IPv4s. The marketplace showcases various IPs that are up for the sale. A registered user can buy this IPv4s after the verification process. An agreement contract is usually prepared between the buyer and the seller for the legal validity. For individuals or corporations, the process of direct buying from a marketplace can be confusing and tiresome. The services of a registered IPv4 broker is very useful for IPv4 purchase.

Can we sell IPv4?

Yes. Due to the increase in demand of IPv4 addresses, the internet registries allow you to sell excess or unused IPs. According to the market demand, your corporation can also earn good profits by selling them. But the entire process has to follow the policies stipulated by the regional internet registry. Initially, you should register with a market place and list the set of IPs that are up for sale. After verification, you will be matched with suitable buyers. Post price negotiation, the transaction can be completed by signing a standard contract. You can use the service of an IPv4 broker for carrying out these processes on behalf of you.

Who are IPv4 brokers?

The process of transferring IPv4 addresses (buy/sell) involves a lot of background works including registration, due diligence, and contracts. This direct process can be time-consuming for individuals. Moreover, without proper experience, you might subject to fraudulent transactions in such portals. A trusted IPv4 broker can make the transactions easier for you without spending much money.

Prefixx is an experienced IPv4 broker that you can trust. With more than 12 years of experience in IPv4 transactions, it is a true market leader. Prefixx employs advanced analytics for matching suitable buyers and sellers. It has presence in multiple regions and is a registered broker with the leading regional internet registries. Prefixx facilitates world-class due diligence and contracts preparation services with attention to minute details. By using an escrow account it makes sure that all your financial transactions are secure. For more details on IPv4 transactions log on to today itself.

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