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The Reason For Price Hike Of IPv4 Addresses

  • Posted at 2021-12-28 06:50:09
  • By Prefixx Team

The Reason For Price Hike Of IPv4 Addresses

The pandemic has been a big boost for digital and online services. As conventional businesses have been forced to shut operations following COVID-19 protocol, the demand for digital services has seen a massive flux in demand. 

Many perceive these rise in demands as an indication of how future businesses would be skewed in terms of operations. As most people are forced to stay at home due to quarantine measures, the demand for IPV4 services has been on the rise. There are numerous websites and web services that have popped up in this span of time.

However, these rising demands have rendered many internet services providers struggle to cope up. As the number of IPV4 addresses is limited, the service providers had their work cut out trying to cater to the sudden onset of demand. There are many reliable IPV4 related service providers such as Prefixx which can help individuals and businesses deal with the sudden rise in demand for IPV4 addresses. 

In this article, we will discuss how the pandemic has resulted in a massive rise in price and demand of IPV4 addresses and how best a business can get its needs met.  

Price Hike Of IPv4 Addresses

There are several reasons why IPV4 addresses have undergone such a steep price rise. The demand for IPV4 having been on a steady uphill trajectory is propelled along with some major news from across the globe. We discuss some of these in detail below.

1. A Positive Covid-19 Control News - As the covid 19 cases are witnessing plateauing across the globe, businesses are getting optimistic about resuming normal operations. The multiple vaccines and their subsequent drive to inoculate as many people across the globe are some major steps towards the mitigation of the crisis. This Reflects the market moods across the globe as the demand for businesses resumes. 

2. End Of Quarter Budget - The last quarter of the year is always a time for businesses to go splurge happy. This is normally a result of deliberation over the year upon potential business expansion and its subsequent execution towards the third quarter. This presents a rapid demand for IPV4 addresses in one quarter thereby raising the demand sky-high. 

3. A Limited Supply Of IPV4 Addresses - Another major reason IPV4 addresses are seeing such a high price rise is the limited availability of such addresses. The IPV4 addresses are not generated anymore with the onset of IPV6 and its other expansion packs. Therefore, the high demand with limited availability makes it a highly sought-after commodity. This is a classic supply and demand conundrum whereby a price of a commodity increases when the demand is high and supply is limited.

Increased Demand For IPv4

The Covid 19 pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of digital and the role it will play in our future. Therefore, businesses in order to prepare for the future are rapidly looking to embrace digital formats of business. This has resulted in a sudden onset of spurt in IPV4 addresses being purchased globally. 

Conventional businesses following brick and mortar model over the years are busily expanding their presence in the digital space. This transition was further propelled by the pandemic which made many businesses go broke due to closed borders and travel. 

How to get IPv4 from Prefixx IPv4 Broker

Prefixx is a trusted networking and digital business service provider with more than 12 years of helping clients achieve their digital solutions. They are platforms that help buyers connect with genuine IPV4 sellers from across the globe and control the transaction in order to reduce frauds and unduly activities in the space. With networks across the globe, they are perfect platforms for businesses and individuals alike to buy, sell and lease their IPV4 addresses. 

Prefixx also helps sellers and leaders get the best value for their IPV4 addresses. They provide an end-to-end solution making it an easy and reliable process for everybody. 

Based out of Miami, the Prefixx network helps you troubleshoot any issues related to your IPV4 addresses and ensure you get the best return on your investment. 

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