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IP Monetization in 2022: Selling vs Leasing IPv4, which is more profitable?

  • Posted at 2022-01-27 17:41:08
  • By Prefixx Team

IP Monetization in 2022: Selling vs Leasing IPv4, which is more profitable?

You can monetize the IP addresses you own by selling or leasing them. You will get good deals if you have clean IPv4 addresses or blocks. IP addresses have become an integral part of businesses. Growing Internet and a shortage of IPv4 addresses are the reasons businesses with IPs are thriving. Many business owners cannot afford to purchase IPv4 addresses. They prefer leasing these addresses. Lots of businesses from around the world keep making inquiries about buying and leasing IPv4 addresses. Should you sell or lease your IPv4 addresses? Which one is more profitable?

Sell IPv4

The price of these addresses is moving upward and has reached $30-36 for each IP. This price will continue to increase as long as these addresses remain in short supply. This shortage has led to a sustainable and reliable Internet network. Leasing the IPs is the only option for businesses not having a high budget but some businesses prefer buying these addresses.

There are some important things to consider when planning to sell IPv4 addresses.

• What is the current IP price? Should you wait for an increase in this price?
• What is the right time to sell your IP address?
• Which platform is right for listing your IPs?
• Can you keep what you need while selling the rest?
• Should you sell your IPs in one block or in small pieces?

Answers to these questions will help you make the right decision about selling your IPs. Research a lot and keep a tab on prevailing IP prices.

Lease IPv4

Just a few years back, leasing an IP was not the preferred option. However, as the prices of IP addresses skyrocketed, businesses have no other option but to use a more economical IP leasing option. The lease option has worked well for some businesses including:

• Bulk email marketers
• Live streaming platforms
• Hosting and VPN services providers
• Remote IT support providers

There are several benefits of leasing your IP addresses:

• Generate long-term high revenue for your company
• Establish a recurring income source
• Instant cash availability for your business during a cash crunch
• Move to IPv6 with the income generated from IP leasing
• Maintain healthy and clean IP addresses
• IP resources can be used for secondary IP marketplaces
• Scale business operations
• Use multiple devices and reduce strain on your Internet network

IPv4 Broker

An IPv4 broker facilitates networking between the owners of these addresses and the businesses wanting to buy the same. Connect with an online platform that makes this transaction possible. The platform verifies both its sellers and buyers. It maintains transparency in its dealings. You will receive all information about the buyer. Secure payments are made through escrow, giving peace of mind to both the buyer and the seller. You will receive Internet registry assistance in releasing your IP for sale. The platform assures legal compliance, secure payment, and fast turnaround.

Sell or lease IP Addresses

This decision depends on how you want to monetize your IP addresses. Selling will bring a lump sum amount while leasing will ensure a recurring income for years to come. Leasing the IP has shown a 43% increase in the annual revenue of the company, while selling will get you only a 25% one-time increase in your revenue.
Contact an established IPv4 broker that connects the sellers and buyers of IPv4 addresses. You will receive support from the IP experts who know the demands and expectations of IP sellers. The broker will guide you in deciding whether you should sell or lease your IPs.

Both selling and leasing the IPs are beneficial for the owner company. The decision depends on whether you want to get a big amount of money at once or establish a recurring source of income. A team of IP experts with deep knowledge of the IPv4 market will provide you with support services. The broker will connect you to the right buyer in the marketplace. This platform also collaborates with other agents. It helps its customers get the best IP solutions by working closely with the RIRs.

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